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Once upon a time there was IMAJYNE, a Sea Wine born in Corsica between Earth and Sea. A supernatural blue, unexpected and captivating, which opens the horizon and the field of possibilities. As blue as the Corsican mountains, gazed upon from the sea, IMAJYNE reveals the perfect balance between mineral and vegetable realms.

You will be surprised by the unique color and character of this precious and exclusive blue wine, a pure expression of Nature.

Imagine there is a heaven...


The original concept of IMAJYNE first came to life in the imagination of Jean-Yves Milanini Auriol, a hedonist and avant-garde man, passionate about the Earth and its pleasures. Witnessing the birth of a vineyard in the heart of the Figari family inn is the dream of a lifetime. He passed away too soon, but the tenacity and passion of his sons gave life to the dream of their father, helped by the magic of Nature. As a sign, the island of beauty, always full of surprises, enhances this first cuvée, displaying an unprecedented natural blue color, pure and intense.


IMAJYNE was named after the initials of this great wine lover (M.A.J.Y) and reflects the bewitching power of Nature. This wine is also Sylvain and Bruno's beautiful legacy and tribute to their father, accompanied by a wine expert, who helped them from the very first day. It is a tribute also shared by his lifelong friend, Enki Bilal, the famous designer who created the label of this Corsican “blu” wine, with a strong identity and rich history.


The story begins in the 19th century

'Plus douce qu'aux enfants la chair des pommes sûres,
L'eau verte pénétra ma coque de sapin
Et des taches de vins bleus et des vomissures
Me lava, dispersant gouvernail et grappin.'
Le bateau ivre d'Arthur RIMBAUD

'Sweeter than the flesh of hard apples is to children
The green water penetrated my hull of fir
And washed me of spots of blue wine
And vomit, scattering rudder and grappling-hook'
Broken Boat by Arthur Rimbaud
Imajyne blue wine France
August 14, 2017

Night harvest.
Imajyne blue wine France
August 30, 2017

The berries were rinsed with seawater to enhance the scents and flavors.
Imajyne blue wine France
September 5, 2017

The wine was vinified with natural mineral and natural antioxidants from the land and the sea. We took our inspiration from the wine-making methods used in Antiquity, under the Roman Empire.
Imajyne blue wine France


Between Earth and Sea

We blend our wine at the Domaine Pozzo di Mastri and select our Vermentinu “Coeurs de cuvée” (Literally, 'the heart of the first pressing', highest quality juice from the grape pressing) from our Corsican vineyard, a unique place with the advantages of mild Mediterranean summers. In our vineyard, grapes are harvested at night and cold pressed in order to preserve their freshness. Grapes are rinsed with seawater to enhance the flavors when pressing. The unique soil and know-how gave birth to a rare and surprising blue wine (sea wine), nourished by natural minerals, herbs and seaweed (spirulina). IMAJYNE can be compared to a rosé wine and has similar flavors. Naturally vinified, it has subtle fruit flavors and is rich in antioxidants. Corsica lovers will be delighted by its notes of fig, apricot, and citrus. Our bottles are stored in the sea, used as a natural cellar. This wine is ideal in summer and offers an ocean taste. It is ideal as an aperitif, and pairs perfectly with the Island’s sea treasures such as oysters and shellfish.


The Domaine Pozzo di Mastri in Figari houses the family farmhouse inn where you can taste IMAJYNE the Sea Wine.
You will be welcomed by Sylvain and Bruno. You will be able to stay in this little paradise that they have managed to perpetuate and develop.
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